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Significance levels on high. 


Rainbow Crystal Collection

I made Florida between a small apartment in Philadelphia and my mother’s house in Florida. I was working late nights and taking a bus through the city every night, smoking weed, putting on headphones and just making things I never heard before and could just imagine. Making this record created an entirely new world for me. Now that I think back it’s a very strange beginning and it’s crazy it’s been 10 years since its first release, but really, this record represents my first 23 years of life - what I had inside of me and where I came from so I’m excited to revisit it.



2001: A Space Odyssey


Huey p. newton Gun club

Thank you Patagonia. “This is guayule. It’s a desert plant grown without pesticides in the American Southwest, and we’ve learned how to make wetsuits from it. Extracted in a waste-free, water-based separation process, we’re now blending natural guayule rubber into our new Yulex®/Nexkin® suits to reduce our dependence on conventional polychloroprene. We’ve also made this proprietary, game-changing biorubber available to the rest of the surf industry so more surfers can benefit—it’s a better path forward for all of us.”


"We’ve got lemurs again" [video]


Another flag burns.#shawshooting