Congress is the ‘Sharknado 2’ of government.
JON STEWART, The Daily Show (via inothernews)


Silk Pavillion

The Silk Pavilion explores the relationship between digital and biological fabrication on product and architectural scales.The primary structure was created of 26 polygonal panels made of silk threads laid down by a CNC (Computer-Numerically Controlled) machine. Inspired by the silkworm’s ability to generate a 3D cocoon out of a single multi-property silk thread (1km in length), the overall geometry of the pavilion was created using an algorithm that assigns a single continuous thread across patches providing various degrees of density. Overall density variation was informed by the silkworm itself deployed as a biological printer in the creation of a secondary structure. A swarm of 6,500 silkworms was positioned at the bottom rim of the scaffold spinning flat non-woven silk patches as they locally reinforced the gaps across CNC-deposited silk fibers. Following their pupation stage the silkworms were removed. Resulting moths can produce 1.5 million eggs with the potential of constructing up to 250 additional pavilions.

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rape culture simplified by Lil B


stayingunderground: prsnts
Mistah Rapsey //Talk To People (Peoples Communicate)

This is my first SoundCloud release in over 3 months. Check it out and stay tuned for a torrent of new musical dope trips.

1. Brock Berrigan - On My Mind
2. Shawn Lee - Boom Bap
3. Quantic Y Conjunto - Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)
4. Madlib - Knicks
5. IAMNOBODI - Arguments, Hugs & Arguments Again
6. Curren$y - 10 G’s
7. High Klassified - Broken Elbows
8. The Husges - Drip’dout
9. Freddy Winter - Serenity
10. Al Patron - Money Ain’t A Thang (Remix)
11. ESTA. - Lexo



Staying Underground // Mistah Rapsey Setlist

I made a setlist with all the available selections from, Love Life Music, my mix I made in collaboration with Jamilla Okubo. Take a look, many of the tracks have free downloads.


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