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The Black Keys // Tighten Up


33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment 

We are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some more of them with you.


Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

//Meanwhile in world news…


O sorrowful traveller, the wound is a book without margins… Today I read the name, Kurdistan, in the table of contents but I could not find it in the book… O immortal lady, alas! this never-ceasing whistle from the pipe of history holds me captive inside a wall of terrible hardship. May I ask a humble question? [For] how long? - Farhad Shakely

*Iraq, 1992 - Kurdish displaced. Girl being treated for a burn wound in a MSF-run dispensary.