As Yemen grapples with the challenges of a fragile political transition, the US has escalated its military operations in the country.

Since 2001, hundreds of people have been killed in US drone strikes in Yemen - dozens of them civilians. But, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a not-for-profit organisation based at City University in London, there has been a surge in US military activity in the country since pro-democracy protests began in 2011.

In the last two weeks, there have been 10 suspected US drone strikes. The latest, on Tuesday, reportedly killed at least 12 civilians. Drone strikes have been a central part of the US’ covert wars in both Pakistan and Yemen. 

An estimated 322 drone strikes have been carried out in Pakistan, killing approximately 3,000 people, since 2004, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Robert Mueller, the director of the FBI, said last week that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), based in Yemen, is the biggest terrorist threat facing the US.

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